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                    Valve use and maintenance
                    發布日期:2017-11-24 22:56:00 點擊數:1536

                    1, the use of electric control valve and maintenance
                     With the rapid development of the industry in our country, the electric control valve produced by Shanghai Yiling has been more and more widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical and other fields. Its stability and reliability are also becoming more and more important. Will directly affect the automatic control process, this article will elaborate on the use of electric control valve and maintenance. Newly designed and installed control system, in order to ensure that the regulating valve can work normally while driving and make the system run safely, the new valve should be checked whether the nameplate mark on the valve accords with the design requirement before installation. The following items should also be debugged. Basic error limit; full stroke deviation; backlash; dead zone; leakage (in demanding occasions). If the original system is overhauled control valve, in addition to the above-mentioned verification, but also the old valve should be stuffing box and connections and other parts of a tightness check. Out of the law

                    2, blue seal and leak seal treatment methods
                     The factors that affect the seal of the flange are many. Mainly: bolt preload; sealing surface type; gasket performance; flange stiffness; operating conditions. For decades, ANSI Flanges designed by the National Institute of Standards have provided a proven seal technology for the oil and gas industry and have been very successful. However, as the needs of the oil and gas industry have changed, defects in ANSI flanges continue to emerge. The principles of cost-effectiveness, environmental protection, and best health and safety assurance are faced by operators and contractors in the 21st century
                    3, butterfly valve test and installation and troubleshooting
                     First, the test and adjustment 1, the valve produced by Shanghai Yiling Whether manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric components are strictly debug before leaving the factory, the user re-sealant performance, the import and export should be evenly fixed on both sides, Close the butterfly valve, the pressure on the inlet side, in the export side to observe whether there is leakage, the pipe strength test, the plate should be opened to prevent damage to the seal pair. 2, Although the products are strictly inspected and tested before leaving the factory, there are also some screwdrivers on the way of transportation. To readjust, pneumatic, hydraulic and so on, please read the manual of the drive unit. 3, electric drive disc valve factory control mechanism has been Kai, closed stroke adjusted. To prevent the power is turned on the wrong direction, the user first turn on the power, the first open manually to the semi-open position, press the electric switch to check the direction of the disc and valve closing direction can be consistent. From: Shanghai Yi Ling Industrial Co., Ltd. - Valve business

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