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                    High temperature and pressure stop valve installation precautions
                    發布日期:2017-11-24 22:57:00 點擊數:2214
                    High temperature and pressure cut-off valve has the following advantages:
                    1, the structure is simple, more convenient to manufacture and maintain.
                    2, small work schedule, opening and closing time is short.
                    3, good sealing, sealing surface friction, longer life expectancy.
                    Shortcomings of the insulation shut-off valve are as follows:
                    1, fluid resistance, the required force to open and close larger.
                    2, does not apply to the particles with a larger viscosity, easy to coking medium.
                    3, adjust the performance is poor.
                    LPG globe valve
                    According to the type of stem thread threaded male and female type. By media flow points, there are straight-through, DC and angle. Globe valve by sealing form points, there are packing seal globe valve and bellows seal valve.
                    Insulation shut-off valve installation and maintenance should note the following:
                    1, handwheel, the handle of the globe valve can be installed in any position on the pipeline.
                    2, hand wheel, handle and Wei moving mechanism, do not allow lifting.
                    3, the flow of medium should be consistent with the arrow direction shown by the valve body.
                    Structural features
                    1. The pressure in the valve cavity self-tight seal structure, the better sealing performance.
                    2. The valve disc and valve seat sealing surface by Secretary Stanley cobalt-based carbide spray welding, wear-resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, can be good.
                    3. High temperature creep design.
                    4. Stem using the overall forging structure, the quenched and nitrided surface treatment, have good engage in corrosion and scratch resistance.
                    5. Valve packing box depth and reasonable, filler plus corrosion inhibitor, sealed and reliable.
                    main feature
                    1, the valve and pipe connections using welded structure. 2, the sealing surface is not easy to wear, abrasion, sealing performance, long life.
                    3, compact structure, opening and closing of good, small height, easy maintenance.
                    For water, steam, oil pipeline, with high temperature, high pressure characteristics.
                    For thermal power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy and other high temperature and pressure water, metallurgy and other high temperature and pressure water, steam, oil, superheated steam pipe, cut off or connected to the media.
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