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                    Anti-theft cut-off valve works and features
                    發布日期:2017-11-24 22:58:00 點擊數:1552
                    Anti-theft cut-off valve works:
                    Locking valve according to the theory of rotation without leakage, the use of push-pull magnetic circuit optimization design, the traditional operation of the valve opening and closing the mechanical force into torque, through the turn
                    Security cut-off valve of the salient features:
                    Anti-theft cut-off valve is based on the heating system on the unit is not timely payment and theft often occur on the oil-time losses, and the development of the successful design of the valve products. Anti-theft cut-off valve with anti-theft performance, can achieve zero leakage, light switch easily, the sealing effect is stable, long service life and so on.
                    The company is located in:
                    Anti-theft cut-off valve to use:
                    1, anti-theft cut-off valve installed, take the attachment wrench, set in the top of the valve keyway to open (or close) the valve gate, clockwise closed, counterclockwise.
                    2, zero leakage: the application of "no leakage drive technology", the opening and closing system sealed inside the valve body, turning the special hand wheel to complete the valve opening and closing operation, completely eliminate the leakage;
                    3, anti-theft: As the special hand wheel and the stem without mechanical connection, the operation can be removed after removing the hand wheel to prevent misuse combined with anti-theft effect, easy to control and management; Second, the use of methods: After the anti-theft valve installation , Take the small wrench on the top of the accessory wrench and pull out the small hexagonal socket head screw on the valve cover. Remove the cover and the middle is the lock cylinder. Open the key cylinder with the key lock cylinder, as shown in the figure And use), out of the cylinder, use the lower end of the accessory wrench to open (or close) the butterfly valve, turn clockwise, counterclockwise.
                    4, the password lock: the use of the magnetic field of the guide polarity, strength and strength changes and mechanical size of the design features such as different, can make the product has a "code lock" function, the specified valve can only be used to open the hand wheel, to achieve "one Valve a key "," multi-valve a key ";
                    5, long service life: As the valve to achieve a fully sealed body, eliminating the packing packing to reduce valve stem wear and tear, the valve opening and closing flexible, and will not show death, extending the life of the valve;
                    6, environmental pollution: As to eliminate leakage, change the use of the working environment at the scene to solve the problem of pollution at the scene, is a real green valves.
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